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Small non-union commercial looking for lead charactor (Female office manager)

Greetings all, i'm putting together a 2 minute web commercial for a consulting client and we're looking for someone to fill the role of Meg, our overworked, under appreciated office manager, and lead character in this satirically comedic commercial

Project Type:  Commercial Status:  Non-Union Salary:  $160.00/day Ethnicity:  Any Ethnicity
Sex:  Female Age:  all ages Role:  Actor City:  Toronto tdb

Its a short speaking role, but carries the whole project. Interested candicates should please take the lines below and produce a self tape for our review. If you have any questions please dont hesitate to contact us directly and we're happy to help. Open to all women, ideally between the ages of 20-35.

Self tape lines:
This… is Meg… Meg is an amazing office manager at a really cool tech startup. And Meg is about to get a very special new assignment from her boss.

Camera jerks at warp speed on its access to reveal her boss Sam through her POV standing over her desk. Sam, a young Asian woman is sporting a curious t-shirt with a print of a tie and suspenders, holding a mug of coffee and strangely resembling Bill Lumbergh from the film Office Space.

Heyyyyy Meg! How's it going? (in a very Bill Lumbergh way)

Hey, I'm..

Meg is cut off by Sam.

I'm going to go ahead and... put you in charge of our new office renovation, ohhh k?

Oh? um, yah for sure... its just that I’ve...

(already turned and walking away from her desk) Thaaaats Greaaaat.

never... built an office before (muttering to herself)

Meg turns to the laptop on her desk and begins where anyone naturally would... a search on the worlds greatest search engine... LOOGLE, when suddenly her mobile phone also on the desk rings. Meg answers

Project Details

Short Synopsis:  Meg, the office manager at a cool new tech startup is given the task of managing the new office renovation... sounds easy enough right? Well Meg's about to find out the hard way that design and construction of an office space is a lot more complicated then it sounds
Producer:  Michael Dragnea
Director:  TBD
Company:  Impact Digital Works Inc.
Deadline: EXPIRED (8 days ago)

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