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Student Short Film (auditions for 3 roles)

Student Short Film (< 6 minutes), non-paid.
Provided: credits, travel expenses, and vegan snacks.


OLIVER / Man / 25-35 / Lead
Oliver is a meticulous vegan chef, whose inflexibility is balanced out by his humorous side, always ready to crack a joke. He cares about the animals, the environment, and the people he loves. After getting a “yes” from Barley, he is forced to meet his future mother-in-law (Julienne) for the first time. In most stressful situations he's able to remain focused, unless it actually concerns Julienne.

BARLEY / Man / 25-35 / Lead
Barley is a food enthusiast and peacekeeper often one minute away from panic. He always tries to please his mother and avoid any kind of conflict. He didn't hesitate in accepting Oliver's proposal, but when Julienne (his mother) suddenly invites herself for dinner, he finds himself between the hammer and the anvil.

JULIENNE (Barley's mother) / Woman / 50-65 / Actor role
Julienne is a posh workaholic and rarely leaves her downtown-based architectural firm. Right after learning about her son's engagement, she invites herself to dinner to meet her future son-in-law, on the same night. She's supposedly a voracious meat eater, but - unbeknownst to her son and his partner - she recently became vegan, too.

Project Type:  Other Status:  Non-Union Salary:  $0.00/day Ethnicity:  Any Ethnicity
Sex:  Male Female Age:  all ages Role:  Actor City:  Vancouver

Please submit a video (via email/Dropbox link/Google Drive at [email protected]) including:
- A brief introduction about yourself;
- Your acting background (if any);
- Which role you are interested in and why;
- Why are you interested in this project.

Callbacks will be online (Zoom/Skype).

Project Details

Short Synopsis:  Right after vegan chef Oliver proposes to vegan food enthusiast Barley, Julienne (Barley's mom) – a supposedly voracious meat eater - invites herself for dinner on the same night to meet her future son-in-law for the first time. Oliver and Barley grudgingly agree on ordering take-out, but when a shortage of animal-based products in the city forces the newly engaged couple to divert to vegan “meatballs”, even the numerous most strenuous attempts at cooking meat-look-a-likes may not be enough to deceive her.
Director:  Alessia Di Padova
Casting Director:  Alessia Di Padova
Company:  Alessia Di Padova
Deadline: In 32 days

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