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Unstable is a short student written, produced and crewed film about a man named Stan who lives day to day being tormented by his superior, Mr. Morogue, until eventually, the family invites over Miss Andrea Belle, a young phycologist, to settle their differences once and for all.

Project Type: 
31 - 35
Listed below are the four casting descriptions for our short's characters. If you are interested in setting up an audition, please email our casting director Tia Sippel at our production email ([email protected]) with your name, resume, a recent headshot, and what role you are interested in auditioning for. We hope to hear from you soon. CHARACTERS: STAN BLUE - EARLY 30’s - MALE Occupation: Live-in Personal Assistant to Mr. Morogue Likes: Novels, history, journalism and vegetables. Dislikes: Feeling inferior. Stan Blue is a passive man that has a genuine respect for the human life and enjoys intellectual conversations. More than anything, he wants to feel validated for the work he does on a daily basis both personally and professionally. His desperation to be accepted by Mr. Morogue is what supplies him the patience and mild mannered sensibilities needed to withstand the constant verbal abuse. LEINNON MOROGUE - LATE 60’s - MALE Occupation: Retired Business Magnate Likes: Gin, his home, money, winning, dinner at 6. Dislikes: Vegetables, being patronized. Leinnon Morogue is an over-aggressive power hungry vulture. His loud and condescending ways make him almost completely unbearable to be around. He must be in control of every situation that crosses his path. He hates the idea of his children hiring help as it makes him feel like they don’t view him in a power roll any longer. If you are not around to worship the ground he walks on, you don’t need to be around as far as he is concerned. ALMA DELORES - EARLY 60’s - FEMALE Occupation: Live-in Groundskeeper Likes: Gardening, cooking, singing and crafting jewelry. Dislikes: Picky eaters, Stan’s condition. Alma Delores is a mother hen by nature. She has never married or carried children of her own so she pours her love and attention into Stan. She is the one that brought Andrea Belle into their home in hopes that she may be able to inspire peace between Stan and Mr. Morogue. She sends Stan’s family letters and updates on how he’s doing since they have essentially moved on. ANDREA BELLE - EARLY 30’s - FEMALE Occupation: Psychologist Likes: Running, easy listening, politics and greenery. Dislikes: Failing her patients. Andrea belle is a very kind hearted person who truly has everyone’s best interest at heart. She enjoys working closely with people as she carries tremendous empathy and understanding with her. She was invited into Stan Blue’s home to help orchestrate an alliance between Stan and Mr. Morogue’s personalities and to ultimately help Stan free himself from his mental prison. This is her first high profile case.

Project Details

Danika Huska
Danika Huska
Casting Director: 
Tia Sippel
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Vancouver Film School

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