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VO Casting for New Animated Series!


We are seeking a Versatile voice actor to help us bring to life the following animated characters for a new series:
- CHEESESTICK (energetic, playful)
- FISHPASTE (smart, serious)
- B.G. (anxious, curious)

Good vocal/tonal range with neutral accent preferred.

Project Type:  Internet Status:  Non-Union Ethnicity:  Any Ethnicity
Sex:  Male Female Age:  all ages Role:  Actor City:  Singapore

If interested, pls send your read of the following script to [email protected]:

"CHEESESTICK (Exasperated)
What the! My bike is broken. The wheels aren’t turning properly.
Look, something is missing. It’s in the shape of a…a..teeth?
(Eureka moment)
That’s it! Gears!

FISHPASTE (Logical, instructive)
Nothing’s wrong, CHEESESTICK. You’re just using the wrong gear. Switch to a lower one.
I’ve got nothing.
(Eureka moment)
That’s it! Gears!

B.G. (Exploratory, investigative)
My radar says there’s a sticker…up there!
Now, that wasn’t supposed to happen... *Gasps*
The Gear Stickers. Weeeee’ve found them. Yay!"

Kindly use email header:
"_VO Casting_Big 3 Animation Series".
We regret that only shortlisted personnel will be contacted.
Thank you!

Project Details

Producer:  Junyi
Casting Director:  Junyi/Eurika
Company:  Big 3 Media
Deadline: EXPIRED (821 days ago)

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