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"Where's Violet?"

289 days ago

Jessa, mid-twenties, is a very opinionated, confident and vocal woman. She’s
motivated by a strong moral compass, and is the type of woman who would actively
participate in a woman’s march, or protest a racially-biased police shooting.
There’s the sense about her that she’s probably experienced trauma in her
past. She feels disarmed with Kingsley’s family, as though they’re grotesque to
her, she’s desperate for them to like her.

Blaine, mid-fifties, is the charismatic leader in a cult of 5. He has complete
dominance over his domain, and can do whatever he wants without repercussions.
He is intelligent, and manipulative, but overestimates himself. He deifies

Beatrice, mid-fifties, is an unpredictable woman. It is impossible to anticipate
her reaction to anything you say to her, making her completely terrifying to
be around. She is incredibly vain, has had multiple plastic surgeries, and has
clearly defined, classic taste. She comes across as an incredibly judgemental

Kingsley, Mid-twenties, Jessa’s boyfriend, who actually began dating her so he
could bring her here, to his family home, and brain-wash her to replace his sister.
Kingsley is very two-faced, and manipulative. He shows no guilt, or regret
for his psychopathic behaviour. He’s able to lie seamlessly. He’s clean-cut, and
charming. The kind of guy your grandma would swoon over.

Clementine’s consciousness comes in ebbs and flows. She’s could be 11 or she
could be 30. Upon meeting Clementine, most people assume she’s mentally
handicapped, but she isn’t. However she does have difficulty remembering
things. She’s quite depressing to look at, or interact with, so most people avoid
both. Because of this, when Clementine is conscious, she’s quite lonely.

Jessa is meeting her boyfriend, Kingsley’s family for
the first time, when she learns that his sister, Violet, is
missing, and likely dead, a trauma the family is
reeling from. As the family make excuses to extend
her visit, Jessa discovers her true purpose in being
there is to be brainwashed, and replace Violet in
the family. Jessa attempts to escape, killing Kingsley
in the process; and we conclude with Jessa fully
transformed into Violet, and a nervous man
learning that his girlfriend’s brother, Kingsley, is
missing, and likely dead, a trauma the family is still
reeling from.

Project Type: 
all ages
Email Producer Arthur Edelman at [email protected] We need 2 UBCP actors (Jessa and Kingsley) other actors non union. Non paid.

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Vancouver Film School

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