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Film Name: A Christmas Dinner
Genre: Thriller
logline: On a Christmas Eve a housewife faces divorce and prepares the last dinner for her husband which is actually made of the husband’s lover

Miranda(30s): The housewife. She looks normal, weak and reticent, but under her skin, she is filled with desire and envy. She keeps all the negative emotions to herself and plays an obedient wife at her husband’s presence. When she found her husband derailed, all the hidden emotion turns her into a psycho.

Jason(30s): The husband. He is a businessman who has done fairly well in the market. He is tired of her wife’s reticence and obedience and the fusty relationship, so he finds a passionate young lady outside and falls in love with her. On Christmas Eve, he tries to settle the divorce with Miranda.

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Published September 22, 2022
Category: Latest

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