A Queer Named Enby

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A web series about the events in a newly identified queer named Enby living in Vancouver. The pilot showcases Enby coming out to their sister, Astrid, and the face off with a cis-male coffee cart barista. The series will explore a different theme each episode including making queer friends, introverts at house parties, coming out to parents, dating, and queer sex. All the awkward moments that unite us and make life memorable – whether they’re welcome or not.

Our film crew is made up of members from the LGBTQ community, and our goal through this web series is to tell the stories that reflect those of the emerging queer and non-binary people in today’s society.


Enby is an AFAB agender human exploring the queer world after coming out as non-binary. Enby is a thoughtful, awkward, and curious being.

Enby’s protective older sister. Age 25-30. She’s a feminine cis-female who encourages Enby to explore the queer side of themselves. Astrid reacts with a cautious curiosity when Enby comes out to her, and becomes a fully-fledged allie when Enby squares off against the male barista. Recurring character in 4 episodes.

Cis-male barista who works at a coffee cart in the park. He serves Enby and Astrid coffee and receives a lesson in calling people “ladies”. Non-recurring character.

AFAB genderqueer, charismatic and extroverted. Enby’s love interest. Friends with Sage and Lennon. Recurring character in 4 episodes.

Trans female, friends with Lennon and Micah. Age 25-30. She’s introduced to Enby in episode 2 by Astrid and a 6-pack of beer. Recurring character in 2 episodes.

Trans masculine, friends with Sage and Micah. Age 25-30. He makes a vegan pear cake for a party. Recurring character in 2 episodes.

Open to any ethnicities.
Unpaid, but will be fed on set.

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Published September 22, 2022
Category: Latest

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