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Plays By Bird is looking for talented actors for our upcoming community show. You must be able to attend evening rehearsals (1 or 2 a week) through the month of August. For more details please email [email protected].

About the show:
“Every family takes a bit of getting used to” – thinks Katelyn Peterson. That is, until she is introduced to her boyfriend Jack Wicky’s family for the first time. It is cousin Alison Wicky’s wedding, and Katelyn must meet her boyfriend Jack’s family members – from Jack’s snarky sister Sophie, his number-one-weather-man-on-the-planet cousin, Derek, a bickering aunt Bev and Ted, to beauty-queen cousin Claire. Throw in the freshly-fired ex-wedding singers Rachel and Jasmine, Claire’s new hunk of man, Pierre, and Derek’s Bronx-born weather assistant/TV star in training, Jenny, and you’ve got a mix for one family gathering you don’t want to miss!

Auditions to take place July 22-26
Performance Date: September 7th at the Toronto Centre for the Arts.


Jack Wicky (mid-late 20s) – the ‘normal’ member of the Wicky family, hoping to get through the night with minimal drama from his eccentric family.

Katelyn Peterson (mid-late 20s) – Jack’s fiancée. Smart, pretty, and charming.

Sophia Wicky (mid-late 20s) – Jack’s sister. Always wears the most outrageous outfits, be it to a wedding or a funeral. Demands attention and is bitter about her brother’s fiancee. Strong comedic timing and eccentric personality.

Uncle Ted Wicky (40s) – the typical embarrassing uncle that every family has. Grumpy and simply wants to get through the wedding to eat.

Aunt Bev Wicky (40s) – married to Uncle Ted. The nagging aunt who tries to keep her husband in check. Always proud of her popular son, Derek, Aunt Bev is quick, smart, and always the caring one.

Rachel Thomas (mid-late 20s) – a friend of the family and a complete Diva. Strong, outgoing personality that wants to steal the show any chance she can get. Demands to perform at the wedding. REQUIRES SINGING.

Jasmine Thomas (mid-late 20s) – Rachel’s sister. Constantly trying to restraint her sister. Smart, to the point (an accountant by day), and always one to try and calm her diva of a sister down. REQUIRES SINGING.

Claire Wicky (early 20s) – Jack’s cousin. Beautiful and the nicest of the Wicky family. Late to the party, but makes a statement with her beauty and can’t wait to show off her new boyfriend to her father and mother (Ted/Bev).

Pierre Igerne (early 20s) – Claire’s new boyfriend. Flamboyant in every way. Hailing from Montreal (French accent required), Pierre is as feminine as a man can get (can be played by either male or female). Believes in true love and is excited to meet the entire Wicky Family.

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Published September 22, 2022
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