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Hello there,

We are students from Simon Fraser University. We are looking for an actor and an actress for our final filming project for the course of IAT 202.

Shooting Dates: March 18 & 19 (morning – evening)
Location: The shooting will take place in the lower Mainland of Vancouver. It will be mainly indoor, accompanied with a very few outdoor shots.

Submission Information: Please submit headshots, resume, and other relevant information to [email protected].

Compensation: Non-union, low budget student production. Food and footage for demo reel are provided. If you require something else, we are willing to negotiate.

Synopsis: A man plans to have a perfect date with his girlfriend by cooking a perfect dinner for her. However, things do not go well as expected, which even leads to a crisis to their relationship. Then, he receives a time machine and tries to use it to make things right.

Character Bio’s:
Male, 20-30.
He is a soft spoken and clumsy guy who usually gets into unexpected accidents. When he performs something and wishes the result to be good, the more effort he pays, the less fortunate he gets. He has less power in his romantic relationship.

Female, 20-30.
She is an energetic young professional who receives lots of stress from her working place. Due to the tremendous stress she has received everyday, she tends to be less patient and always vent her negative feelings by yelling at his boyfriend. She hates being neglected and waiting for others alone. She has more power in her romantic relationship.

Director’s Notes:
While we have specific descriptions, we encourage all types of actors to apply. We encourage real couples to apply if possible.

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Published September 22, 2022
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