Actors/Film crew members needed

Casting Calls in Ottawa | Seeking | Compensation: $ /99 | Apply by

Here from Austin and will be traveling to Toronto to Ottawa, Montreal, to Quebec.

I while I am there I wish to do production here if I can find the right actors and film crew people.

This Pilot would be a great start of a season that can possibly win film competitions in Nashville, Austin, California, Montana or be picked up by organizations such as Netflix, Amazon, and Showtime. These are all possible because I have connections with these threads.

WonderLand, will be a science fiction show, but science fiction will not be exaggerated. This episode will be about two friends searching for their third friend Jessie. Jessie for the most part will only appear in flashbacks until ending scene. These flashbacks will mention distressed Jessie slipping into a different dimension on accident. This film will correspond with the multi-universe theory.

Kale- Male, Lovable asshole. College student
Jessie- Male intelligent, skeptical. College student
Travis- Male, funny, smart. College student
Jessica- Female, hipster and fashionable. College student
Detective- Female or Male
Bartender- Female or Male

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Published September 22, 2022
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