Actors needed for re-enactment scenes (No dialogue)

Casting Calls in Toronto | Seeking Actor | Compensation: $ / | Apply by

VICELAND’s Dark Side of the Ring is looking for actors to portray the following roles:

Vincent: Principal Role ($250/day) 30-40 y/o male, black mullet and goatee. Vincent is an odd combination of a macho-bro attitude and a creative mind.

Jacques: Principal Role ($250/day) 25-35 y/o male, very muscular, brown hair. Always the second fiddle to the main event wrestlers, Jacques has had enough and is ready to make a name for himself.

Gino: Actor Role ($200/day) 40-50 y/o male, black hair. An Italian ex-wrestler who is starting to work more on the business side.

Tony: Actor Role ($200/day) 50-60 y/o male, black hair. A mafia type who’s wiser than most wiseguys, Tony runs the wrestling business with Gino.

Pat: Actor Role ($200/day) 60-70 y/o male, white hair. Pat may seem like a nice big grandpa, but behind his big kind smile is a much more sinister character.

Jim: Actor Role ($200/day) 55-65 y/o male, big ol’ cowboy hat. Jim’s big, loud, Texas personality is dwarfed only by his gigantic cowboy hat.

Joe: Actor Role ($200/day) 30-50 y/o Indigenous male. Joe enters into a shady contraband cigarette deal with our story’s main protagonist.

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Published September 22, 2022
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