Actress needed for Animal Sounds Video Game

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Toronto Area – 1 Day Shoot 9 Hours

Hi, we’re looking for an actress aged 20 to 30 who wants to be a part of a comedy video game.

We’re making a video about animal sounds. Do you know what sound a giraffe makes? What about an emu, or a tortoise? We don’t know what they sound like either! And that’s the point.

The game’s about you trying your best to make animal sounds for animals that no one really knows what they sound like. The game’s about being creative and doing your best to make up what you think these animals probably sound like. It’s not going to be accurate, and that’s the point. But if by chance it is accurate at times, well… that works too. Ultimately it’s about being silly and ridiculous.

The player will then try to guess the “correct” animal sound. Of course, since it’s not accurate it’s highly subjective, that’s exactly what we’re trying to achieve.

***High charisma and a fun attitude are extremely important to making this project a success.***

Frankly, as a gamer, I’d only want to play it if it was fun, silly, and stupid. So we’re looking for someone who really gets this idea and wants to be a part of this very silly and stupid game.

All the job requires is a few lines of dialogue and a full day of making up animal sounds, which might be taxing on your vocal cords. I’m sure animal sounds aren’t easy to create.

We’ll be shooting using a small green screen, iPhone, and boom mic. It’s a very indie setup, but ultimately the video will end up compressed and smaller for use in the video game.

Your image will be used exclusively in the video game and promotional material around the video game. The gameplay may be recorded and uploaded to YouTube by users. So keep in mind that the gameplay of the game may exist on YouTube and other social platforms after its release.

We’ll be shooting at my apartment with help from my wife as she’s a master editor. We’re located in Toronto. We have parking available or you can take a taxi. We’re also fairly close to the Agincourt GO stop if you want to coordinate the GO Train into your travel. We can make just about any day work, but we need notice so we can get child care for our son for the shoot day.

I suspect the shoot day to run about 9 hours so we would start early like around 8:00 am if possible.

This project is for a single shoot day only.

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Published September 22, 2022
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