Boy Before

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Project: Boy Before
Area of Media: Student Project – Short Film
Posted on: September 19th 2018
Cities for Response: Toronto and the GTA
Producer(s): Anjelica French
Director: Onyeka Oduh
Casting Director: Ivana Bittnerova
Shooting Location(s): Toronto, Ontario / Toronto, Ontario
Script Availability: Online after submission
Production Office: Humber College, 203 Humber College Blvd
Contact Info: [email protected]

Key Dates, Rates and Union:
Deadline for Submissions: October 5th 2018
Auditions: October 5th 2018
Audition Location: 519 Church Street, Toronto, ON M4Y 2C9
Shooting Starts: October 26th 2018
Shooting Finishes: October 28th 2018
Union: Union and non-union
Rate: Non paid
Storyline and Comments

Tiras, a young trans Christian, struggles to find a place in which he feels safe.
Battling with his perception of himself in the eyes of his mother, the church, a nomadic
gas station attendant, and his own self, Tiras attempts to find a space he feels safe in to
begin his journey into adulthood.

Tiras Lavalle (Lead)
Gender: Trans Masculine Age: 18
Size of Role: Lead
Gender: Trans Masculine
Age: 18 – 25
Ethnicity: Any
Bilingual in French and English
Tiras Lavalle (18) is a fresh-faced young man. He’s shy, gentle in nature and has
not yet discovered who he is aside from the fact that he feels uncomfortable in the body
he was born in. He takes after his mother. He was homeschooled and has yet to
experience life outside of his northern Ontario suburban town. He has a limited amount
of hobbies, those he has include collage making, poetry, and singing, that of which he
only does in the church choir. He grew up in the church, his mother being very invested
in the church, causing a lot of his morals to be formed within the religion.

Kare (Large Principal)
Gender: Male Age: 21
Size of Role: Supporting
Gender: Male
Age: 18 – 25
Ethnicity: Any
Kare (21) is a wild carefree gas station attendant. A whole lot of grunge with a
little bit of punk, think Kurt Cobain meets Paul Simonon of the Clash. A tattoo of a cross
adorns his forearm. Would probably be a musician if he could commit to anything, ever.
He’s witty, sharp and a bit of a nihilist which is something he developed as a defense
mechanism against getting close to people. He has a history of people leaving him and so
he prefers not to get too close.

Caroline Lavalle (Principal)
Gender: Female Age: 37
Size of Role: Supporting
Gender: Female
Age: 25 – 40
Ethnicity: Any
Bilingual in French and English
Caroline Lavalle (37), Tiras’ mother is very mild mannered as a result of having
to mature early in her adolescence when she became pregnant with Tiras at 19. She cares
very deeply for her son and always tries to understand how he’s feeling and what he’s
going through, but she sometimes finds it difficult. She is a very active member in the
church because the church community took her in and helped her when she was young
and pregnant. She feels it’s her duty to serve to repay them for all they have done for her
and she cares very much about their opinion of her.

Gloria (Actor w/Dialogue)
Gender: Female Age: 24
Size of Role: Minor
Gender: Female
Age: 18 – 25
Ethnicity: Any
Gloria (24) is the physical representation of hyper femininity that Tiras meets for
a moment, his first encounter with a person as such besides his mother. In fact, Gloria
reminds Tiras a lot of his mother in their quick drive by meeting. She’s beautiful, almost
too beautiful and fairly protective.

Old Woman in Church (Actor no-dialogue)
Gender: Female Age: 65
Size of Role: Minor
Gender: Female
Age: 40 – 65
Ethnicity: Any
A woman in a church that comforts Tiras.

People at a Party (Background)
Gender: Either Age: 18 – 30
Size of Role: Minor
Gender: Either
Age: 18 – 30
Ethnicity: Any
Group of people having fun at a party.

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