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Donna Coler, a lonely artist, struggling with addiction as a result of demons in her past. She becomes infatuated with Bunny Atwater, an internet self-help guru, that lives in the same neighbourhood. They meet briefly through mutual friends which leads to Donna’s further curiosity.

After following Bunny, Donna witnesses her get into an altercation with her boyfriend rescuing her from imminent danger. Instead of taking her to the hospital or home Bunny awakens at Donna’s country house.

Bunny’s intrigued by the unusual situation and the two new friends grow closer, learn and care for each other until things reach their boiling point and Bunny begins to see Donna as a threat.

Character BIOS:
Bunny is a positive, even-tempered and wise always seeing the good side of people. A minor celebrity with an allure that is undeniable, her enthusiasm to work with others, teach and learn.
Although she appears self-involved, it comes from a place of blind naivety, not malicious behaviour.

Donna has a striking presence, although she sometimes lacks the confidence that one might think she has with her looks. Donna is obsessive, frustrated and angry, although she doesn’t always show her anger, but it will come out when she is pushed or challenged.
Donna is a passionate cook and food is her obsession. She may be angry and sad at times, but she can love and share it through food and cooking.

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Published September 22, 2022
Category: Latest

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