Casting 1-2 lead actors to take part in our live stage shows at Celebrities Nightclub and Capital Ballroom

Casting Calls in Vancouver | Seeking Voice Over | Compensation: $200/ | Apply by

We are seeking 1-2 lead actors to take part in our live stage shows at Celebrities Nightclub and Capital Ballroom, which includes 150+ dancers. If we select 2 actors, one will perform in Vancouver’s shows and the other will perform in Victoria’s shows.
WILD THING is our Luminesque adult re-imagination of the iconic book and film “Where the Wild Things Are”. We follow our lead Max as they run away from the confines of the chaotic world into a realm of their own design. Through embodied dance, spoken word, exquisite audiovisuals, and an original narrative inspired by the timeless tale – we will tame the “monsters” of time, structure, obligation, and expectation. In June/July, we’ll build a poetic utopia together where all the gnashing feelings and internal rumblings are not only accepted… but embraced with open hearts and minds. Get swept away in our sensual, vivid and surreal world where all are welcome and nothing is forbidden! LET THE WILD RUMPUS BEGIN!

Actor(s) will work with our technical team to pre-record a voiceover of the script, and then will perform scenes live onstage with the voiceover as a backtrack. Actors must feel comfortable with script memorization, but will also be able to ad-lib to an extent. Onstage movement is required, but actual choreographed dancing is not. If our casted lead(s) end up having dance experience, we may incorporate them into choreography or allow them to improvise movement.
As our story is fundamentally about existing/creating a world outside the oppressive systems of our current society, we are specifically seeking actors identifying as members of equity-seeking groups, including but not limited to: Black, Indigenous, and other racialized peoples; LGBTQIA+, trans and gender diverse folks; neurodivergent folks and folks with disabilities or chronic illness; and folks with diverse body sizes. Please note that both the rehearsal and performance venues have stairs and no elevator or lift, and are thus unfortunately inaccessible for wheelchair use.

Age: 19+
Gender: Any expression
Description: The central character in Wild Thing. Someone who feels the world was not built for them, and so they escape into their imagination to create a world of their own. While not explicitly neurodivergent, this character struggles with overstimulation and overwhelm, and generally battles against oppressive structures in society like time, capitalism, gender binaries, etc. Creative, rebellious, and outside-the-box, Max is a poetry writer who uses their art to imagine their own version of society built specifically for them and their needs/desires/dreams. Script memorization is required, and ad-libbing will be encouraged. Must be comfortable acting live, and having their voice recorded in a studio. Comfortability with movement/dance is an asset. Role may include staged romantic intimacy (possible embracing of other actors or mimed attraction) but we are happy to accommodate all levels of comfort with touch or eye contact. That said, actors should be aware that the show and dance numbers do feature sexual themes.

Production Company: Glow Studios Inc. DBA Luminesque Dance
Union Status: Non-Union 

  • Hourly rehearsal rate (min. $18/hr)
  • Honorarium (min. $200) per show night
  • Travel/accommodations to Victoria, if necessary

Required Dates:

  • 6-10 hours of rehearsal split into 3-5 sessions within weekday daytimes/evenings
  • Dress/Tech Rehearsals on May 28 (max. 6 hours) and May 31 (max 4 hours)
  • Show Dates in Vancouver: June 9, 10, 16, 17, 23, 24
  • Show Dates in Victoria: July 22, July 29

Locations: Glow Studios Vancouver & Celebrities Nightclub on 1026 Davie Street, Vancouver and Capital Ballroom at 858 Yates St in Victoria

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Published March 27, 2023
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