Casting actors for a horror short film (Cantonese, Mandarin or Vietnamese)

Casting Calls in Vancouver | Seeking Actor | Compensation: $125/Day | Apply by Jun 14, 2024

Casting for a horror short film “MRS. CHANG’S PERFECT TEETH”
No acting experience required!
Writer/Director: Karen Lam
Producers: Kristyn Stilling, Athena Russell
Casting director: Kris Woznesensky, Kara Eide
Location: Vancouver/Richmond/Lower Mainland
Project category: UBCP – ULB 40 UNDER INDIE
Compensation: $125/day
Dates: June 21 – 27, 2024

In search of a better life for herself, Siu Yee arrives in Canada and begins working as a cleaner at Mrs. Chang’s massage shop. Feeling insecure after seeing the beautiful women who work at the front of the store, Siu Yee goes to extreme lengths to alter her physical appearance, before discovering the sinister nature of the procedure.
SIU YEE (Female, 20-25, preferably speaks Mandarin) – innocent but very curious about the new world around her. – beautiful but very natural (hopefully under-groomed eyebrows and no eyelash extensions.) – she has few lines but everything should be clearly seen on her face. Will be playing a lot of lines off her reactions. (Two days) LEAD.
MRS. CHANG (Female, 40-60, preferably speaks Mandarin) – icy and elegant, the quintessential boss woman – she is not warm or welcoming, but beautiful and impeccably groomed with an imperious air. (one day) SUPPORTING.
LAYLA THE DENTAL NURSE (Female, 30-40, preferably speaks Mandarin) – girl next door, warm and welcoming – soft, like an older sister who would take someone under wing. (one day) SUPPORTING.
DR. LEE (THE DENTIST) – (Male, 50-70, preferably speaks Mandarin) – affable and generous energy, but with an underlying darkness – like a favourite uncle (on the outside). (one day) SUPPORTING.
BONITA (Female, 25-35, preferably speaks Cantonese but could do lines in English) – attractive but jaded, sophisticated and already bored with everything this world has to offer. PRINCIPAL
WENDI (Female, 25-30, preferably speaks Mandarin or could do lines in English) – beautiful, modern and flirty – loves the shiny things in life. ACTOR
DRIVER (Male, 30-60, preferably speaks Cantonese or Vietnamese) – sly, corrupt and a little lecherous — gets off on the power he has over these girls he’s driving and possibly getting side pay for darker operations – he looks out for himself. (two days) ACTOR
OLIVIA (Female, 20-25, English speaking) – flirty, flighty and not at all serious – one step away from being anime. ACTOR

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Published June 5, 2024
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