Casting Actors for a student short film

Casting Calls in Chicago | Seeking Actor | Compensation: $0/Day | Apply by Apr 11, 2024

Hello! I’m look for three actors (roles shown below) who are interested in acting for a student film this weekend, Saturday, April 13 and Sunday April 14. Character break downs and a description of the film are listed below. Thank you! 
“Poor Daisy” is a comedy/thriller focusing on a group of teens locked in their high school after hours. They are the worst people you’ve ever met and they must find and escape the local serial killer before they all meet the same fate as poor Daisy. 

Grace – Female, 18-25, White 
Role Description: She is a girl with a superiority complex, who is an environmentalist, condescending, and fake woke”. 

Alex – Male, 18-25, All Ethnicities 
Role Description: Alex is your typical jock (who reads) and yet no one takes him seriously. He is insecure and is yearning for more. 

Security Guard- Male, 20-30, All Ethnicities
Role Description: security guard who is trying to figure out who broke into the school before he is killed by the trespassers. Only needed on Saturday for filming. 

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Published April 11, 2024
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