Casting Actors for an student short film

Casting Calls in Vancouver | Seeking Actor | Compensation: $0/Day | Apply by Apr 17, 2024

(20, Female, Fluent in Mandarin and English)

A film student with a complicated past. Caroline is enigmatic and seems to carry a burden of unresolved emotions. Her actions suggest a deep-seated resentment towards dogs, stemming from a traumatic childhood incident. She is skilled in manipulating situations to her advantage, often appearing cold and detached.

(20, Female, Fluent in Mandarin and English)

An ambitious film student, Caroline’s classmate, is passionate about her documentary project. She longs for fame and her work to be seen by many people, so she tries to do some content that would draw the audience’s attention, for which she constantly disputes with Caroline.


Coco’s owner, Bella is emotionally invested in finding her pet. She appears to be grief-stricken, but her actions reveal a complex character who might be more concerned with the social media fame Coco brings than the dog’s well-being itself.


Bella’s boyfriend, Johnson, is pragmatic and focused on the practical aspects of Coco’s disappearance, especially its impact on their social media business.

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Published April 7, 2024
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