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Production title: Lost in The Footage
Production company: 3IS International Institute of Image and Sound
Production Type: Independent / student
Project length: Short Film (6 minutes)
Production location: Paris

Contact email: [email protected]
Director: Léa Rocheteau Soleau
Producer: Alexian Travers

Casting Director: Liel Gorenbukh
Audition Location: Puteaux
Shooting Location: Yvelines / Paris
Compensation: No

Filming date: 8 to 11 June 2023
Casting deadline: 20 May 2023

! We are looking for people who speaks fluent English !

Characters BIOS:

Murphy is an outgoing and adventurous young scientist who prioritises her work over her well being. She might have a sweet tooth for Evelyn, but her only goal right now is to find this special animal which counts a lot for her.

Evelyn is an introvert girl who usually hides in her editing room. She has troubles understanding her feelings and expressing them. It wasn’t a problem until she fell for Murphy, a polar opposite version of herself for who she happens to edit for.

Jacob is a tough bear. Seeming emotionless, he only wants the job to be done. However, deep inside, he wants everyone to be okay

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Published April 26, 2023
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