Casting call for indie short film!

Casting Calls in Toronto | Seeking | Compensation: $ / | Apply by

Indie short film opportunity, seeking professional minded actors. Kickstart your acting career with this exciting opportunity to star in this thrilling, original short film. We are pushing this into film festivals of all kinds, and are confident about the overall success. We will be holding auditions late next week/early the following week, outgoing and experienced actors that will fit in with the professional environment.

Casting for the following characters:

Name: Dani Character Details: Dani (Early 20s) a slim, introspective nerdy young adult suffering with severe insomnia. Playing Age: 19 – 25 Gender: Male

Name: The Psychologist Character Details: The Psychologist (Mid 50s), very smart however not very nurturing toward patients, is slightly bitter and overall a monotone character. Playing Age: 50 – 60 Gender: Male

Name: Ezra Character Details: Ezra (Early 20s), close friend of Dani, outgoing charismatic character, he worries about Dani’s condition. Playing Age: 19 – 24 Gender: Male

Name: Mother Character Details: Mother (Mid 40s) worried about her sons condition but not super involved, overall a sweet woman. (Not a huge role.) Playing Age: 40 – 49 Gender: Female

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Published September 22, 2022
Category: Latest

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