Casting Call for Lead Roles in Vertical Drama/Mini Series/Supernatural Romance

Casting Calls in Los Angeles | Seeking Actor | Compensation: $350/Day | Apply by May 9, 2024
Casting is open for lead roles in a forthcoming vertical drama/mini series blending supernatural and romantic elements. Producers are seeking a female actor, aged 21-26, for the role of Eva, a complex character who undergoes an assertive transformation, and a male actor, aged 21-28, to portray Arthur, a brave character who harbors feelings for Eva. Applicants should email their submission to by May 18th, 2021. Auditions will take place in Los Angeles, CA, and selected actors can earn up to $350 per day.

[b]- Role: Eva[/b]
– Description: Female, ages 21-26. The character is sexy and charming; initially gentle and timid but evolves into a more assertive character with a unique personality. Eva has the soul of the charismatic Alpha Jack and desires to return to her original body, which leads her to seek a magical book held by Arthur. She attempts various methods to return, including a failed suicide attempt, prompting Arthur to protect her. Eva also slowly develops romantic feelings for Arthur and acknowledges them after witnessing his sacrifices.

[b]- Role: Arthur[/b]
– Description: Male, ages 21-28. The character is brave, exuding male hormones and charm, and has a well-maintained physique from long-term fitness training. Arthur discovers and saves Eva, making her his personal secretary. He rescues Eva from antagonists and struggles with unrequited love. Arthur also faces a life-threatening situation for Eva’s sake, which eventually leads to Eva saving him.

Up to $350 per day

Los Angeles, CA

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Published April 29, 2024
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