Casting Call for Mother and Daughter Roles in Upcoming Commercial

Casting Calls in Toronto | Seeking Actor | Compensation: $400/day | Apply by Jul 5, 2023

This casting call is looking for two actors to fill the roles of a mother and daughter for an upcoming commercial. The mother should be between the ages of 30-40 and have strong emotive skills, while the daughter should be between the ages of 6-8 and have natural and genuine acting skills. Both roles require expressive facial expressions and body language. Examples of characters for each role are provided.

Role 1: Mother
Age: 30-40
Gender: Female

This character is warm, caring, and relatable. The talent must have:
– Strong emotive skills to convey warmth, care, and empathy
– Ability to portray a believable and natural mother-daughter relationship
– Expressive facial expressions and body language to communicate emotions

Character example: Rebecca Pearson from “This Is Us”
Pay: $400

Role 2: Daughter
Age: 6-8
Gender: Female

The daughter is innocent, playful, and expressive. The talent should have:
– Natural and genuine acting skills
– Ability to express emotions through facial expressions and body language
– Comfort interacting with the bunny and showcasing a strong bond with the toy

Character example: Matilda Wormwood from Matilda / Boo from Monsters, Inc.
Pay: $300

Role 3: Technicians/Staff Members
Age: 20-40
Gender: Male/Female
The technicians and staff members are friendly, approachable, and professional. The talent should show diversity among gender and body appearance, but all of them must have non-verbal acting skills, ability to convey professionalism, expertise and also playfulness in the interactions with the little girl.
Character example: Marshall Eriksen from “How I Met Your Mother”

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Published June 28, 2023
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