Casting Call for Paid Non-Union Actors in Social Media Ads

Casting Calls in Toronto | Seeking Actor | Compensation: $650/Day | Apply by Jul 31, 2020
This casting call is for a paid, non-union project for social media ads with an 18-month ad run. The narrator will be paid $650 per day, while other actors will be paid $400 per day. The roles include an adult #2/narrator, a mime/fortune teller/adult #1, an office kid aged 6-9, and a butcher aged 40-50.

Casting Call – Paid, Non Union
We are looking for actors for a one day shoot on July 31st. The pay rate is as follows:

Narrator: $650 per day
Other actors: $400 per day

This project will be used for social media, no TV, and will have an 18 month ad run.

Actor 1: Adult #2/Narrator (8 clips)
– 30 something, any gender
– Strong comedic actor
– Black
– General American/Canadian accent

The narrator is our mascot for every ad. They should be cool, calm, and collected. They can also be afraid when necessary, such as when they think they are about to be cut open by a butcher (when it was actually a doctor coming to perform surgery). Feel free to give us over the top humour (more energy) and a version where the narrator is calmer.

Actor 2: Mime/Fortune Teller/Adult #1 (3 clips)
– 30 something, female
– Brunette

The fortune teller should be very spiritual, comedic, and really into the art of fortune telling. The mime should be very animated, comedic, and playful. Think of the clown at a children’s party.

Actor 3 (6-9 y.o.): Office Kid (3 clips)
– 6-9 y.o.
– Any ethnicity but Caucasian (preferably Asian)

The kid should be comedic and think they know their stuff when it comes to marketing and creating products. They should be overly confident and make simple, funny mistakes without noticing.

Actor 4: Butcher (1 clip)
– 40-50 y.o.
– Male
– Burly
– Dark features

The butcher should be rough around the edges. Think Italian mob boss.

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Published July 2, 2023
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