Casting Call for TV Series in Hamilton, Ontario

Casting Calls in Toronto | Seeking Actor | Compensation: $ /Scale | Apply by Oct 11, 2023
Casting call for a TV series set in Hamilton, Ontario in mid October. Non-union, paid, micro-budget production. Seeking actors for the roles of Mama B, Didesola, Toriola, Jadesola, Leon and Yetunde. Please send headshot, full photo and resume to . The series follows a Nigerian woman who has migrated to Canada with her two children and grandchild, and is struggling to raise them in the African way while running a traditional restaurant business in a foreign land.

Casting Call for TV Series
Location: Hamilton, Ontario
Dates: Mid October
Non-union: Paid

Mama B is a Nigerian woman who is rooted in her Nigerian-Yoruba culture. After her husband’s death, she migrated to Canada with her two children, Didesola (Didi) and Toriola (Tori). She worked as a caregiver for years and saved money to open her own Nigerian restaurant in Canada (Buka Plus). The business comes with daily hassles, recipes of dramas, cultural differences and challenges of running a traditional restaurant business in a foreign land. Mama B is also raising her 5 year old grand daughter, Jadesola (Jade). She wants to raise them the African way in a foreign land, while the kids are trying to make their mother see life differently and live in the present and not the past.

Mama B
• 55-60 year old Nigerian woman (Yoruba tribe)
• Black, curly hair, glasses
• Disciplinarian
• Mother to Didi, Toriola and grandma to Jadesola

Didesola Owonikoko Animaséika
• 20-25 year-old young woman (Nigerian/Yoruba)
• Mama B’s daughter
• Wants to gain her freedom from her over protective mother by any means necessary
• Struggling in nursing school and wants to become a professional makeup artist
• Manages the family restaurant (Buka Naija) with Mama B

Toriola Owonikoko Animaséika
• 17-20 year old boy (Nigerian/ Yoruba)
• Dresses like every teenager his age
• Loves to dance
• Enjoys getting on his sister’s nerves
• Always gets into trouble with Mama B
• Trying to convince his mom to support his dance career and not engineering

Jadesola Brown Owonikoko Animaséika
• 5 year old interracial girl
• Mama B’s first and only grandchild from her late son
• Curious little girl who questions everything and everyone around her
• Takes pleasure in correcting her grandmother’s pronunciations
• Believes she is born Canadian and shouldn’t be raised the African way

• 17-

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Published September 18, 2023
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