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CURRENTLY CASTING for an independent SHORT HORROR FILM centering around the dark web.
We’re scheduled to start shooting over the course of (2) days at the very end of May. Shooting locations are still being locked in at the moment, but majority of the production will be taking place in SANTA CLARITA, CA. You must be able to provide your own method of transportation to set.

This is a NO-PAY GIG… BUT! This will be a great opportunity to showcase your performance skills as an actor/actress. Although there is no financial compensation, all production personnel will be fed on set and receive a 1080p copy of the final cut once the film is showcased. The film will also be getting submitted to several film festivals and will likely see the light during the fall of this year.


RAQUEL | mid-30’s | recurring
Raquel is a SoCal regional leasing manager; one that takes her job far too seriously. She grew up in a very uncompromising household with strict values that eventually led to leach onto her. Defeat is never an option in her eyes, and her stiff day-to-day posture shows that. Raquel is the kind of person that truly thrives off intimidation and she has no problem with confrontation.
The character doesn’t have a plethora of lines in the film, but the few things she DOES say should stick; her words always have a very demeaning tone.

JOSH | early 20’s | recurring
Josh is an overzealous YouTuber who commits 110% to his videos and his following. His geeky personality is relatable and the content in his videos are intriguing to say the least. Josh’s videos garner millions of views with ease, and he remains humble with his YouTube earnings.

MARKET EMPLOYEE | 18-21 | minor


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Published September 22, 2022
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