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Casting Calls in Remote | Seeking Actor | Compensation: $ /Day | Apply by Jan 30, 2024

Hi everyone! Am looking to cast these roles for a TV series:

1) RAJ, a 15 year-old mischievous boy who has friction with his neighbour who hoards things in front of the house.
Filming Date: 3 Dec 2023 (1 Day)
Special Skills: Being able to skateboard is a bonus

2) Jack, a teenage boy who is vocal about what he sees wrong in the community. He plans to voice out for those vulnerable, even if he might put himself in danger.
Filming Date: 25 Nov 2023, 4 Dec 2023

3) Jeff, a rebellious young adult who hangs out around the neighbourhood and got involved in a police case for being a key witness.
Filming Date: 26 Nov 2023

4) Norah, works for a scammer company who’s looking to recruit new members through a professional interview setting.
Filming Date: 28 Nov 2023

5) Auntie Selvi, is a neighbour to a hoarder neighbour who’s mess just sparked fire.
Filming Date: 3 Dec 2023

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Published November 21, 2023
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