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Hank: (Canadian/American) An over-confident, mildly overweight, 5’10, retired realtor in his late 50’s. Hank is very talkative due to his past profession, very bubbly yet cynical. He’s aware of the diversity within his city but has never been in such close proximity to anyone outside of his own race; aside from any business dealings. He has done very well for himself in his career and was a top salesman in his heyday. Hank moves very quickly, he doesn’t like to waste time; sometimes he rambles without hesitation and prefers to communicate with his hands and using body language quite often. Since being retired he has more time to himself, which is why he can tend to be a bit nosy, when it comes to others and their personal space. Hank has always enjoyed a life of comfort and in his retirement, he is as comfortable as he’s ever been. He is completely foreign to any of the Bala’s (his new neighbour) background, customs and cultures, something that he will slowly have to become accustomed to, whether he likes it or not.

Sarah: (European Descent) A youthful looking and very friendly; 5’4, high school teacher in her early 40’s. Sarah is a bit more reserved, as Hank tends to do most of the talking between the two. Sarah enjoys the time she has at home with Hank, as well as taking care of the household; therefore she can be seen taking care of a lot of the house chores in and around the house; with it being almost a borderline obsession for her. She can be very motherly and disciplined at times, since her own children have moved out and that her job as a teacher requires her to do so, therefore she tends to baby any kids or teens in her own personal life. She is not as outgoing or vibrant as Hank but she is a strong believer in her faith and if ever there is a time that a conversation about her faith comes up, she will come out of her shell.

Jenna: (Mixed Race) A fresh faced 25 year old; 5’9, slim, very bubbly yet strong willed and independent. She is comfortable in her own skin and knows what she wants. She is determined to take her relationship to the next level of commitment because of her previous relationship; which at times tends to make her anxious. Recently, she enrolled into a masters program for performance art and has a very free spirited, creative side as well. Her open mindedness allows for her to embrace other cultures and adapt to any situation with ease. She comes from a privileged upbringing, which means she is used to getting it her way and Prabhu (her boyfriend) is no exception. She has her own group of friends and they all engage in similar activities, food, music and dance, kind of her outlets from the pressures of her home and work life. Yet, somehow through it all she seems to keep everything balanced with a smile on her face.


Must be available for the following dates in the GTA:
Audition – Sunday, July 29, 2018.
Shoot – August 11-12, 18-19, 25-26 and September 1-2

To apply, please send ASAP: Your head shot (photo) along with your resume and demo reel if you have one and send it to: [email protected]

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Published September 22, 2022
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