Casting Mom and Daughter for a Super Cool Commercial

Casting Calls in Toronto | Seeking Actor | Compensation: $3000/Buyout | Apply by Nov 29, 2023
Mann Casting is looking for real mother and daughter duos, aged 35-50 and 14+ respectively, for a commercial. Interested parties should email with a recent photo and self tape notes. Recalls and shoot dates are scheduled for November 29th and December 14th respectively. Rates are $150 for fitting, $500 for 10 hours of shooting, and $3000 for the mother and $2000 for the teen. Chocolate and chocolate chips are conflicts.

We are seeking a real mom and daughter duo for a super cool commercial. The daughter must be legally 14+ years old.

– Woman, 35-50
– Effortlessly loveable in a motherly sort of way
– Playful and modern
– Must be able to eat chocolate chips

– Legally 14+ years old (and look like one on film)
– Bright and full of life
– Not an experienced baker but excited to learn from her favourite person
– Playful quality seen in her mom should be reflected in her own personality
– Must be able to eat chocolate chips

– By self tape (due November 27th @ 10am)
– Recalls: November 29th
– Fitting: December 12th
– Shoot: December 14th

– 1 year Canada TV, Cinema & Worldwide Digital

– $150 fitting (4 hours)
– $500 (10 hours – OT @ $75/hour)
– $3000 mom, $2000 teen
– Buyout, includes competitive product exclusivity for the year

– Chocolate, chocolate chips

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Published November 26, 2023
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