Casting Roles and Chorus for World Premier of The Gardner – A Musical by Maren Burnham

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AUDITIONS for The Gardener: A Musical
Written by Maren Burnham
Musically Directed by Maren Burnham
Directed by Shari Holt-Christensen
Choreographed by Ashley Green and Kimberly Johnsons
Presented at Brookfield Residential YMCA at Seton, April 24th to May 6th
For more information, please visit or email us at
[email protected] 
Marcus finds himself in the lowest angel job possible in this cruel afterlife world, a Gardener. And even crueler, he is sent to work in his own hometown and watch his one true love, Sophia, decide to finally patch up her life and move on after all the pain and loss from WWI. But Marcus isn’t ready to let go of Sophia. In this tragic but upbeat musical riddled with
comedic elements and powerfully driven music, Marcus must battle his will against all odds—his insufferable companion Bob, Dark Deliverers, Miracle Makers, and God’s rules—to find a way for him and Sophia to be together again. But at what cost?
Auditions for all roles: Saturday, January 21, 2023 – 9:00am – 3:00pm
Okotoks Alliance Church: 322185 – 15 Street E, Okotoks, AB

Marcus (Baritone-tenor G-A. Male identifying. 18-22 years old)
Sophia (Mezzo Sop G-A. Female identifying. 18-22 years old)
Bob (Baritone-Tenor G-F. Male identifying. Older than Marcus. 25-50 years old)
Callista (Mezzo Sop G-A. Female identifying. 18-22 years old)
Brandt (Baritone-Bass G-E. Male identifying. 18-22 years old)
Wentwick (Bass-Baritone E-E; falsetto B. Male identifying. 30-40 years old)
Pennyflick (Tenor E-E. chorus. Male identifying. Could be a female-identifying)
Whittlestick (Baritone C-D; chorus. Male identifying)
Glenn (Bass C-D; chorus. Male identifying)
Margarete (Mezzo Sop G-E. Miracle Maker and chorus. Female identifying. 20-30 years old)
Merten (Baritone-Bass G-D. Miracle Maker and chorus. Male identifying. 20-30 years old)
Anna (Sop F-D. Female identifying. 7-10 years old)
Mrs. Vandermere (chorus. Female identifying. 45-60 years old)
Mr. Vandermere (chorus. Male identifying. 45-60 years old)
Clarence (can be non-singing or come from the chorus. Male identifying. 80-90 years old)
Anna’s Father (chorus. Male identifying. 30-40 years old)
William (chorus. Male identifying. 50-60 years old)
Mister Madden (chorus. Male identifying. 80-90 years old)
Agnes (chorus. Female identifying. 80’s)
Sophia’s Mother (chorus or dancer. Female identifying. 40’s)
Janice (chorus. Female identifying. Any age, but 20’s would work best)
Young Marcus (chorus. Solos D-B. Male identifying. 10-12 years old)
Young Sophia (chorus. Solos D-B. Female identifying. 10-12 years old)
Grandma Marcus’s Grandma. Warm and kind. (chorus. Female identifying. 50-90 years old)

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Published January 18, 2023
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