Casting Various Roles for a Low Budget Film – Paid gig

Casting Calls in Toronto | Seeking Actor | Compensation: $100/Day | Apply by Oct 31, 2023
This is a casting call for a non-union, self-funded, indie, low budget film shooting in Markham, Ontario. The film is about three older men attending their boarding school's 50th reunion as they individually struggle to confront the teacher who assaulted them as children. The roles available are Marius Evans, Julius Li, Truman Al-Rahman, and a Bartender. Interested applicants should email their headshot, name, age, ethnicity, city of residence, resume, portfolio, social media links, IMDb, and demo reel (if available) to . Payment is $100/day. Shooting dates are TBA but will likely be a Saturday and Sunday in November.

We are seeking actors for the roles of Marius Evans, Julius Li, Truman Al-Rahman, and a Bartender for the self-funded, indie, low budget film, Our Man, Lady of Dolores. This is a non-union, paid ($100/day) production.

The exact dates are TBA but it will most likely be a Saturday & Sunday in November.

Markham, Ontario

Our Man, Lady of Dolores is a film about three older men attending their boarding school’s 50th reunion. They each struggle to find the courage to confront the teacher who assaulted them as children.

MARIUS EVANS (40-55) Male, Black
Marius is a recovering alcoholic who is looking for forgiveness in all the wrong places. He is the youngest son of smart blue-collar Jamaican immigrants. He was the focus of Dolors attention as the lone black boy in a sea of white students. As a now sober adult, he struggles to accept the grooming and assault were not his fault.

JULIUS LI (40-55) Male, Asian
Julius is flamboyantly feminine and confident. He is strong and smart but he doesn’t know if he wants to punch someone or cry. He is successful and believes he’s the smartest person in the room until his late 50s hits against his nephew’s birthday. Suddenly, he realizes 14 years old isn’t the pinnacle of maturity like he thought he was.

TRUMAN AL-RAHMAN (40-55) Male, Indian
Truman is an awkward son born of privilege and tradition. He has never really felt like he belonged. In his late 50s, his wife has left him and he’s lonely. Despite his wealth and privilege, he’s the kind of man who needs one happy memory. For Truman, his time with Delors is that one good memory in his childhood.

BARTENDER (20-35) Male, Any Ethnicity
A youthful-looking man with a great butt and a kind aura. He’s 10 years into his journey with sobriety and reaches out to a struggling Marius. Race is not a factor. A youthful

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Published September 18, 2023
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