Casting various roles for web mini series

Casting Calls in Vancouver | Seeking Actor | Compensation: $200/Day | Apply by May 10, 2024

“Rise” is a captivating fantasy/drama miniseries set in a world of werewolves. Alicia is a talented designer and the only daughter of the Scarlett’s Pack. She grapples with her obligation to marry Tobias, the rightful heir to the Wilton’s Pack, while navigating her growing affection for Damian, the King of the Rogues.
Tobias, disguised as Damian, is driven by a covert desire for revenge against those who harmed his family. Yet, he wrestles with the fear of unveiling his true identity to Alicia, apprehensive that it might drive her away. Together, they unravel the web of lies spun by Tobias’s grandfather, Martin, who orchestrated the death of Tobias’s parents to retain his alpha status and manipulated Alicia for his own gain.

Shooting Dates: June 1st – June 10th
Submission Deadline: May 10th
Vancouver, BC | Non-Union Actors Only | PAID

Alicia – female lead, caucasian (20s)
Radiant, compassionate, and remarkably gifted, Alicia carries the legacy of her late mother’s special healing powers. Torn between familial duties, obligated to a contractual marriage with Tobias, she finds herself unable to resist the passionate love blooming for her client, Damian. Their chemistry ignites as Alicia takes on his design project, adding another layer of complexity to her emotions. Intimacy scenes required. Stunt experience is an asset but not mandatory.

Damian/Tobias – male lead, caucasian, athletic build (20s)
Charming and protective, Tobias, heir to the Wilton’s Pack Alpha, masquerades as Damian, leader of the Moon Halo Pack. With vengeance burning for his parents’ murder, he carefully orchestrates his plans in secrecy. But upon meeting Alicia, he finds himself willing to sacrifice for love, as he fights fiercely for Alicia’s safety. Intimacy scenes required. Stunt experience is an asset but not mandatory.

Martin – male support, caucasian (50s-60s)
The master villain and Alpha of the Wilton’s Pack, Martin disguises himself as a benevolent grandfather to conceal his sinister motives. Orchestrating the demise of Tobias’s parents to secure his alpha status, he manipulates Alicia for personal gain while battling cancer and seeking power through his schemes.Stunt experience is an asset but not mandatory.

Lilith – female support, open ethnicity (20s-30s)
Alicia’s jealous and spiteful former best friend, who is also a beta in the Shinfancy’s Pack. She holds deep grudges against Alicia, and her resentments have turned into outright hate, causing her to lose herself.

Mae – female support, open ethnicity (20s)
Alicia’s caring best friend and daughter of the Greens’ Pack from Europe. Stunt experience is an asset, but not mandatory.

Victor – male support, caucasian (30s-40s)
Tobias’ evil uncle and Martin’s youngest son. Victor has a greedy and violent nature. He harbors ambitions of becoming the Alpha of the Wilton’s Pack.

Lyon – male support, open ethnicity, athletic build (20s)
The trusted beta wolf of the Moon Halo Pack. With unwavering dedication, Lyon takes on the responsibility of investigating matters on behalf of Damian, demonstrating his loyalty and commitment to his pack leader. Stunt experience is an asset but not mandatory.

Rhett – male support, open ethnicity (30s-40s)
Unethical and self-serving, Rhett serves as Alicia’s boss and leader of the Shinfancy Pack. He manipulates his employees through schemes and suspicious behaviors, exploiting his position for the company’s benefit.

Scott – male support, caucasian, athletic build (20s-30s)
Aggressive drunkard, cocky, with a loud personality. Scott is a predator and also the Alpha of the Blue Rock Pack. Stunt experience is an asset but not mandatory.

Lee/Henry – male support, open ethnicity (30s-40s)
Dedicated and trustworthy, Henry serves as the beta to Tobias’ late father, who survived the same crash that claimed Tobias’s parents. Assuming the identity of Lee, he becomes Alicia’s building manager to fulfill his duty of safeguarding Tobias.

Jason – male support, caucasian (40s-50s)
Leader of the Scarlett’s Pack and Alicia’s abusive and neglectful father. His true colors are revealed when he prioritizes money over his own daughter.
Mary – female support, open ethnicity (20s)

Jason’s young wife, Mary, is from the Rogues. She is a gold digger who exhibits a mean, promiscuous, and low-class demeanor.

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Published May 7, 2024
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