Casting Various Roles – Pay is $200 per day

Casting Calls in Miami | Seeking | Compensation: $ /99 | Apply by

Miami – Movie Trailer
Rate: 200.00 per day
this job will include an all expense paid trip to
Atlanta for the shoot, but will cast only in person in Miami.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Seven high-profile women by day, who lead double lives by night,
must come together to untangle and cover up a murder in order to
protect that which is most important to
them— their families, possessions, and reputations

[Annabelle] [Gender: Female] [Age: 21-48] [Latina]
Beautiful, Smart, powerful and mysterious, yet with great humanity.
While she possesses a great ferocity, her sense of joy, empathy mild
humor, and undying devotion to her son. She is very at ease in her body and seductive.

[Sarah] [Gender: Female] [Age: 21-48] [Caucasian]
Nerdy, soft spoken Pathologist by day who transforms into an unassuming
sexy vixen at night who’s having an affair with the married Governor John Kelley.

[Delores] [Gender: Female] [Age: 21-48] [African American]
African-American, sexy, hard nose, aggressive attorney who is picture and
textbook perfect, except for her secret—she’s an undercover lesbian.

[Delilah] [Gender: Female] [Age: 21-48] [Haitian]
Drop dead gorgeous, loud, fast talking, and overly confident custom jeweler
who services high profile clients. Very witty, with an uncanny,
mysterious sixth sense, she’s extremely overprotective of her daughter and her friends.

[Rose] [Gender: Female] [Age: 21-48] [Hispanic]
Sexy, emotionless, badass, zero tolerant Chief of Police, in an unhealthy
marriage with a secret attraction to her friend, Delores.

[Leah] [Gender: Female] [Age: 21-48] [Asian]
Plain, almost boring, Super smart Computer Engineer. She has a girlish
physique with a passion for computer hacking, stealing identities, and dominatrix.
By day she’s seen inthick glasses, white shirt and khaki pants; and by night,
she dons excessive makeup, and shiny leather outfits.

[Malia] [Gender: Female] [Age: 21-48] [Indian]
Extremely intelligent Cardiologist. She isbeautiful, soft spoken, shy, reserved,
nurturing, and determined to become one of the nation’s most renowned female
physicians through her commitment to her career. She is well on her way until
her addiction of having sex with underaged boys interferes.

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Published September 22, 2022
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