Casting voice artist for a Vancouver-based documentary, middle age male with French Parisian accent

Casting Calls in Vancouver | Seeking Actor | Compensation: $500/ | Apply by

Non-union voice artist for a Vancouver-based documentary
Male, middle age
French accent (Parisian French accent
Actor must be a BC resident
Dates: June 12 (TBD)
Rate: $500/8 hr day
Submission instructions: We are looking for an artist to voice an interview transcript, please send audio samples that you feel might best suit that style.


Interviewee: XXX]
Interviewer: XXX]
Date of Interview: mm.dd.yy]
Location of Interview: XXX]
List of Acronyms: FP=Frank Peterson, IN=Interviewer]
[Begin Transcript 00:00:10]]
IN: So what was going on in your life when you joined the Marines?]
FP: Uhm, well when I joined the navy, actually that was in 1950 at the age of 18. Uhm, not much other than the fact that I wanted to get away from Topeka and see what the rest of world was really all about.]
IN: Um-hm.]
And of course having uh… gone through the uh flight training I received my uh wings and commission uh in October of uh 1952. And the- one of the reasons I uh opted for the Marines, I knew there had never been a black pilot in the Marine Corps. So I wanted to uh see if I could achieve that goal, which I was able to do.]
And then my first duty assignment would have been in Cherry Point, North Carolina. But I’d had enough of the South and decided I wanted to stay away from the South if I possibly could, so Headquarters Marine Corps, at my request, uh changed my orders to El Toro, El Toro, California.]
But what I didn’t realize is that I’d jumped from the frying pan into the fire because El Toro was the training base for replacement pilots in Korea. So I jumped from the frying pan into the Korean War via El Toro [laugh].]
IN: I see [laugh].]
[End Transcript 00:01:21]]

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Published May 24, 2023
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