Gun and Rose – Web Series Casting

Casting Calls in Toronto | Seeking Actor | Compensation: $250/Day | Apply by Dec 20, 2023
Gun and Rose is a low-budget web series casting for non-union actors in Markham and North York. Shooting will take place from 1st December to 20th December, with main actors earning 200-250 daily and supporting cast earning 150 daily. The story follows Luca, the son of a mafia boss, and Ashley, a waitress, as they attempt to break free from their respective burdens and escape the criminal life.

We are casting for the web series Gun and Rose. This is a non-union production and will be shooting in Markham and North York from 1st December to 20th December.

Main actors will be paid a daily rate of $200-$250, while supporting cast will be paid $150 daily. Food and drinks will be provided on set, and we can arrange pick-up at the subway station if needed.

We are looking for the following characters:

Luca (25-32): Caucasian, the male protagonist, son of the mafia boss, torn internally, yearning to escape the criminal life of the family.

Ashley (24-30): Caucasian, the female protagonist, a spirited character with a strong yet vulnerable side, yearning to break free from the burden of debt to live life on her own terms.

Tommy (25-32): the secondary male character, Luca’s loyal henchman, and childhood friend, unconditionally supporting all of Luca’s actions.

Jody (40-50): Caucasian, Second-in-command of the Italian Mafia

Tony (50-60): Caucasian, A powerful Italian mafia boss in the city but filled with profound love for his son, Luca.

Petrissa (40-50): Caucasian, Ashley’s mother, consumed by drugs and gambling, leaving behind substantial debts for Ashley to repay.

Julia (25-30): Luca’s ex-girlfriend, a member of the American Mafia, attempts to prevent Luca from leaving the criminal world, she always stands in the middle of Luca and Ashley’s relationship.

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Published November 13, 2023
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