‘Harry, This is Nora’, Short Film

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Product: ‘Harry, This is Nora’, Short Film
Union: Non union & UBCP
Casting Directors: Jesse Copeland, Sunny Mohajer, Isaiah Berra
Auditions: Sunday, March 24th 2019
Audition Location: 1131 Howe Street Cineworks Independent Flmkrs (through back ally entrance)
Shooting Starts: Saturday, April 27 2019
Shooting Finishes: Tuesday, April 30 2019
Rates: Unpaid
Method for Self-tapes: Email to [email protected]
Deadline for Submissions: Friday, March 22 2018 at 10:00am

Contact Info:
Tel: 778-828-0600
Email: [email protected]
Cities for Response: Greater Vancouver
Posted on: Friday, March 8 2019

Harry, a melancholy loner who communicates through a puppet, sets out to understand why his girlfriend is leaving him. He has to hurry, though, because his single-occupant spaceship is blasting off to the moon at midnight.

Harry (Male / 27-37 / Caucasian)
A man who communicates through a puppet. The quirk is metaphorical, not literal, a means to symbolize that he does not feel human. The reason: he has never been in love. Harry is an astronaut who struggles to connect with other people and prefers to float around in outer space by himself.

Technical: The character’s dialogue is spoken by the actor and the puppet in synchrony, and his actions performed in partnership. Puppetry or ventriloquism experience preferred but not required. Actor must be comfortable with an on set intimacy scene and partial nudity (undergarments).

Carl (Male / 35+ / Open Ethnicity)
A grumpy musician who probably smells like whiskey. Carl is also a dog.

Technical: Actor must be comfortable with a full face prosthetic, hair laying, and contact lenses; must have no allergies to latex or spirit gum. Saxophone experience preferred but not required.

Dear Susan (Female / 65+ / Open Ethnicity)
An elderly newspaper advice columnist who never moved on from her first love: a sailor lost at sea.

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Published September 22, 2022
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