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Hoosier follows Max, a young gay man recently out and struggling to settle into his queer identity. The film takes place in contemporary small town Indiana as Max navigates the early years of adulthood. He uses a gay hookup app to meet guys, but yearns for something more than just casual sex. After Max meets Dylan, a twenty-two year old gay man who is confident in his homosexuality, the two share a night out at a local queer bar. Max is introduced to more of the town’s queer subculture and begins to find his place within it. The film provides a glimpse into queer life in America’s heartland and explores everything that comes after coming out.

MAX (Male, 19) A quiet observer in a transition of identity. He is recently out and feels stuck in his small town. He is struggling to own his newfound gay identity, with a hookup app being his only connection to the queer community.

DYLAN (Male, 20-22) a queer male with a rockstar personality, looking for deeper connections. He is confident in his homosexuality and wears his queerness on his sleeve. His bold, punk, and gender-fluid fashion choices exhibit his no holds barred approach to life.

ROBERT (Male, 40-45) Robert has lived in Indiana his entire life and has been out and proud since he was eighteen. He relishes in the ghosts of his town’s queer past and champions the queer youth following in his footsteps.

MOM (Female, 40-45) A single mother keeping it all together for her and her son. Max is more than her son, he is her best friend, and she is processing his coming out as much as he is.

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Published September 22, 2022
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