Independent short film is casting actors. Non Union. Paid

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Casting Call: Independent Short Film
Rate/Union: Non-union, Paid (Travel will be reimbursed and Food will be provided!)
Title: Cranes Like White Giraffes
Shooting Dates: Early to Mid-July (dates subject to change)
Filming Location: Toronto ON
Logline: Grace Meldrum’s relationship is thrown into focus one morning as she and her partner sit in a diner and await the arrival of a rehab worker.
Kurtis (Age 24-30, Male, Open Ethnicity)
Kurtis is a noticeably sensitive yet, self-assured young man. Within the film, he is primarily concerned with the physical and mental well-being of his partner Grace. As they await a service worker, he wishes to articulate his concern maturely and cautiously so as to not cause any more strife between them.
Grace (Age 24-30, Female, Open Ethnicity)
Grace is an addict. It is no mystery to her, nor is she in denial. She knows her actions are harmful to herself and others, yet she values her own well-being quite lowly at this moment in her life. She recognizes her aimlessness and failing relationship but feels helpless to her own vices and urges. She is deeply creative and internal, however, she often pushes people away the moment they seem to get too close for comfort.

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Published May 24, 2023
Category: Latest

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