Insurance commercial is looking for an actor with mullet

Casting Calls in Toronto | Seeking Actor | Compensation: $600/Day | Apply by Apr 4, 2024

[color=var(–primary-text)]Looking for a NON UNION MULLET for an insurance commercial[/color]

[color=var(–primary-text)]Advisor With Mullet – Male, Late 40s – Early 50s. He’s Professional But Not Overly Starchy. He’s Trustworthy When It Comes To Advice, But He’s Also Really Approachable And Doesn’t Take Himself Seriously At All. He’s The Type Of Guy Who Coaches Youth Sports And Watches Hockey With Other Dads In His Free Time.[/color]

[color=var(–primary-text)]Product: Project Hockey insurance[/color]
[color=var(–primary-text)]Casting: By Self Tape (Due April 3rd @ Noon)[/color]
[color=var(–primary-text)]Recalls: April 5th In Studio[/color]
[color=var(–primary-text)]Recalls: April 5th[/color]
[color=var(–primary-text)]Fitting: April 9th[/color]
[color=var(–primary-text)]Shoot: April 10th[/color]
[color=var(–primary-text)]Usage: ​​6 Months Canada National Tv & Digital Use (Inclusive Of Potential Digital Stills)[/color]
[color=var(–primary-text)]Rate: Wardrobe: $75 (2 Hrs)[/color]
[color=var(–primary-text)]Session Fee: $600 (10 Hrs)[/color]
[color=var(–primary-text)]Buyout Option 1 6 Months: $2000[/color]
[color=var(–primary-text)]Buyout Option 2 12 Months: $3000[/color]
[color=var(–primary-text)]All Fees Are Plus 15% Agency Fee. Inclusive Of All Edits, Versions, And Cutdowns And Pending Final Edit.[/color]
[color=var(–primary-text)]Conflicts: Other Financial Institutions[/color]

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Published April 3, 2024
Category: Latest

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