LEAD Arthur, 16-19, male

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Arthur (Art), male
Arthur spent his childhood years on his family’s ranch. When he was fourteen he and his father moved out to the city so his father could pursue a career in photography. During these years Arthur would spend his summers out on the ranch, riding and learning to train horses. Now, Arthurs grandparents are getting older, in particular his grandfather, who, in his old age, can no longer work. Because of this, Ford and Arthur move back out to the ranch to help run it, Ford effectively giving up his photography career.
While Arthur was more than happy to move back, he knows that his father never really wanted to, and a rift has started to grow in their relationship.

Arthur is kind, thoughtful and reserved, if not a little naive. As he ages out of boyhood he is forced to start to consider his future and to make decisions to shape it.

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Published September 22, 2022
Category: Latest

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