LIKENESS – Short Film – Shooting Oct 20-22

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When Harper visits her mother June after a few years of little contact, she discovers her mother has been living with early onset Alzheimer’s when June keeps confusing her with someone named Elizabeth. As Harper attempts to find out more of what June is keeping from her, she uncovers a past full of secrets she never could have anticipated as well as an ability to travel through time alongside her mother.

LIKENESS takes place within two eras, alternating between June’s life as a twenty-something in the 1970’s and present day.

June (2017) A 59 year-old widower living a modest existence is grappling with the symptoms of early-onset Alzheimer’s. Seen by her daughter as uptight and dispassionate – on the inside June is an intellectual recovering from a turbulent past as a feminist activist in the 1970’s.

June (1975) (20-30’s) Liberal minded but channels her ideals into study, education and conversation. Having introduced her younger sister Elizabeth to the feminist movement, June tries to hold the reigns on Elizabeth’s bravado-focused activism in order to keep her safe.

Harper (2017) / Elizabeth (1975) (20-30’s)

Both characters will be played by the same actor.

HARPER – A 29 year-old brimming with talent and liberal ideas but lacking practical direction. Passionate and stubborn, she is unaware of how starved she is of emotional connection with her mother, June.

ELIZABETH – June’s younger sister, who throws caution to the wind to pursue her political ideals, despite her older sister’s increasing concerns. A magnetic young woman, at ease in a crowd and adored by all, but shoulders feelings of isolation and insignificance. Seen in the 1970’s from ages 18-25 through the lens of her sister June’s living memories.

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Published September 22, 2022
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