Looking for 1 Male Leading Actor, 1 Female Leading Actor and 1 Female Supporting Actor for Humber Production

Casting Calls in Toronto | Seeking Actor | Compensation: $ / | Apply by

This production is a short, studio drama produced by second year students at Humber College’s Film & Television Production Program.

The positions are non-paying, credit, copy, meals and transportation are provided.

The roles are for:

35-45, male, any ethnicity

A white-collar husband in his early 40’s. On the outside Jack is clean-cut, well-mannered, the vision of a perfect, love-able husband. Yet beneath the surface there’s a darkness inside of him. His broken childhood taught him to be tough, cold and guarded. He’s spent years suppressing his feelings and now the only way he feels strong is by making others feel small. He has become the only thing his father taught him to be, a bully, and poor Judy pays the price. Deep down he is still that innocent boy, helpless to protect his mom, too terrified to turn on his dad. He is desperate to connect with his mom who only sees his father when she looks at him. Jack’s cool, calm exterior is cracking, his inner demons finally getting the best of him.

35-45, female, any ethnicity

A prim and proper housewife in her early 40’s, Judy is almost never afraid to give her opinion. A firecracker who never settles, Judy has a very particular way she likes things done and sees to it herself that her standards are upheld. She is a caring wife, Jack is her whole world, but her focus unwittingly places a lot of strain on her husband. While she acts out of love, her insistence in how things should be done often come across as a fierce nagging to even the untrained eye. Her fatal flaw – she is entirely unaware of the impact this has and believes naively in what she considers a perfect marriage.

55-75, female, any ethnicity

A woman in her late 60’s, Helen is the mother of Jack. She is a strong, dignified woman. She is confident and mildly intimidating. Although her son, Jack, is keen to impress her, she has always maintained a distance from her son. Perhaps it is because he reminds her too much of his late father. She immediately recognizes the signs of abuse in Judy and is compelled to help her. Maybe because she remembers what it was like when no one came running to her aid when she need it all those years ago?

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Published September 22, 2022
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