Looking for Models/Performers to participate in a New Artistic Project

Casting Calls in Toronto | Seeking Model | Compensation: $250/ | Apply by

My name is Charles Malinsky.I am an internationally acclaimed artist who is known for socially relevant, narrative bodies of work. This collaboration will be in the form of a photo shoot in partnership with Donna Child Fine Art Gallery. Shooting schedule will be between May 15-26, 2023 in Toronto.

Quote from article in NY Arts Magazine written by Yvonne Owens, PHD:

“Charles Malinsky first exhibited his drawings and paintings of warrior angels in 1994. Since then, he has shown a subsequent, related series of works in galleries across Europe and North America. The angelic cast from the original series expanded rapidly, providing characters and impetus for Malinsky’s subsequent visual sagas. They and their relational dynamics provided the repertoire for Faustian spectacle — heroic deeds of courage or defiance and Machiavellian betrayals of trust. These operatic dramas are uniquely Malinsky’s own; they stage the familiar meta-narrative of an all-embracing, cultural hermeneutic familiar to both East and West. The ongoing tableaux of mortal expectations common to the three main orthodoxies are witnessed as if through a multidimensional x-ray lens.”

I am looking for interesting and attractive models/actors to participate in a new project with the overarching story of a spy thriller. This is a container (and may possibly change) for social, sociopolitical, sexually relevant themes amongst others. Two parallel streams will be portrayed. One taking place in contemporary time with the second being set in the early 1960s.

Shoots will be one on one except in the case where physical interaction is called for and will be negotiated beforehand. I will be working with a stylist and make-up artist as my team.

Visit: for more information about my work

Female and Male models/performers between the ages of 20-45. All ethnic backgrounds.

Pay $150 -$250 per session (4hr maximum) dependent on experience.

Experience an asset but not essential for all parts.

We will be shooting May 15-26 at Donna Child Fine Art Gallery. Donna Child is one of Toronto’s eminent art dealers with more than 20 years in the business.

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Published May 13, 2023
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