Male actor needed for ear pulling video

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I am a graduate student at York U, I am currently looking for a male actor, or student, or any one who is interested in acting, to participate a short video project of mine.

I m doing a search project for a film course about traditional punishment ear pulling in films, and I need to film a very very short fake documentary about a scene of ear pulling, and it will be screened while I am presenting my topic in the class.

The scene is about a fake documentary (5 mins), and it is very straight foward, as I will pull your ear as a punishment in the video, like a parents punish their child for not doing homework etc. But I will pull your ear very gentle, as it is just acting, not real.

The short video is not important, as it will only be a background video while i am presenting my topic to introduce the traditional punishment appearing in movies.

We will shoot a sample video first (5-8 mins), and we will shoot the real video in the next day about 30 mins. and we can film that in any parks, street, or my home if you like, but outside is preferred.

You will be asked for an audition of sample shooting first and then you will be paid $15 for less than 30 mins filming! very good way to earn some bonus money. The project is welcome to any student, or actors or any people, as long as you are a male. The audition only takes 20 mins or less

Please email me at : [email protected], with a photo of you in the attachment.

Thank you so much

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Published September 22, 2022
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