Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is an adventurous short comedy about Abner, a lonely 11 year old boy who lives in a quiet neighbourhood in a one story bungalow home with his night shift working father. Going about his daily routine waiting for his father to arrive home one Saturday, Abner meets and forms a friendship with two younger boys who come to his house seeking his help for something. Immediately pulling Abner into a trip filled with chaos and mess, Abner soon realizes just how much he misses his own mother, and the loss that he has to experience himself when he grows up.

Abner: Aged 10-16
A quiet, broody loner, the kid who’s always alone in the corner at parties. Abner’s the big kid on the block, and though younger kids annoy him to no end, he’ll always come to their aid, if reluctantly. He tries to hold onto his youth, while indirectly acting as an older sibling to Freddie and Nathan.

Freddie: Aged 8-13
The bossy older sibling. Enthusiastic, excitable, and incessantly annoying. A know-it-all who knows nothing. Clumsy enough to screw everything up, but ignorant to his failures, and determined enough to keep trying.

Nathan: Aged 6-10
The peppy younger brother, and Freddie’s personal cheerleader. Amazed by the abilities of kids older than him, and would follow them to the ends of the earth. Says whatever comes to his mind, passing deep into the realm of oversharing.

Mr. Zarecki: Aged 40-60
A friendly established neighbourhood relaxed store clerk who knows most of the kids in the neighbourhood. Sort of likes his job working as a clerk. Likes seeing children and having small talk customers who visit his store.

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Published September 22, 2022
Category: Latest

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