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MALE: DONALD (Principal)
Age range: 27-35 years of age
5’10 – 6’2, 170-200 lbs
Stage combat experience is a plus (minor stunts required)
Character description: Donald is a successful sales associate at a Mergers and Acquisitions firm. He comes from an incredibly wealthy immigrant family; his parents own an African mining conglomerate and they’ve passed on their business savvy to their only child. Donald is pompous, arrogant, and privileged.

MALE: MARCUS (Principal)
Age range: 27-35
5’10 – 6’2, 180-200 lbs
Look: Beard/scruffy facial hair, athletic to heavier set build.
Stage combat experience is a plus (minor stunts required)
Character description: Marcus is a down-on-his luck college dropout who came from a dysfunctional family. Both his parents were alcoholics, drug addicts, and borderline abusive. He passed along that abuse to those he grew up with. He was a notorious bully in high school, especially to those who he perceived as different. He is angry and feels the world owes him something.

Age Range: 28-35
190+ lbs, bulky/muscular/athletic build, dominating appearance
Character description: Constable Barnes is an adrenaline junkie; a beat-em-up young cop who joined the police force to chase bad guys and crack skulls. He refuses to understand or accept terms like “excessive use of force” or “political correctness”.

Age range: 35-50
Rough and tumble appearance
Character description: Sergeant Pillar is a mid-level, seasoned police officer. He/she is competent and reasonably smart, but has never been driven enough to strive for real change or social justice. Pillar has accepted that things are the way they are and is too jaded to question authority or even the status quo.

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Published September 22, 2022
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