Online PSA is casting variois roles. Non Union. Paid

Casting Calls in Toronto | Seeking | Compensation: $ /99 | Apply by

We are castings several roles of CHARISMATIC WEB USERS​ for an online PSA.
Various ages between 18 – 65
Fluent English – any accent
Various cultural/ethnic backgrounds
All genders
Improvisational skills are an asset
Shoot Date​: Single day between the dates of April 4th – 6th ​(Specific date TBD )
Shoot Location:​ 2216 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4E 1E9
Rate: ​$250 – Est. 3 hour work day
Answer the following questions​ with a playful and charismatic energy.
Comedic improvisation is encouraged​. Have fun with it, but keep things
Have you ever Googled “Dutch Reach”?
Any guesses what the “Dutch Reach” means?
What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “Dutch Reach?”
How does the phrase make you feel?
Does it make you feel a little uncomfortable, why?
Would you do the “Dutch Reach”?
Delievier the following ​example reactions​ to the above questions.
“What do you mean Dutch Reach? Is that some kinda cheese or something?!”
“Going Dutch on a date, skipping double Dutch, I don’t know?!?”
“WAIT.. is it like some kind of a soccer move?”
“Ahhh I know its a dance right!”
“To be completely honest it makes me feel a little uncomfortable…..”
“Ahhhh… Will this show up on my personal search history?”
Keep all self tapes under 3 minutes.

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Published September 22, 2022
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