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Comedy, Drama (Feature Film – 80 min territory)

A vivacious aspiring social worker brings together five peculiar strangers for an afternoon through the app Orangutan, to help solve their existential problems while she copes with her own. It isn’t long before she realizes this group is more than she bargained for.

The project is PG territory and sort of in the vein of The Breakfast Club.

Director/Writer: Frankie Gaddo (Oliver’s Bowl) (you can check out background via google search)

I don’t have any audition dates set but am planning to do them over skype/google hangouts and/or self tapes.

This is a one location shoot. I’m planning to do rehearsals on skype/google hangouts. Then do a day (maybe two or three if necessary) of rehearsals on location.

The intention of this feature film is to be seen by audiences through distribution and film festivals.

Actor/actress names can be changed so don’t worry if they seem like they’re a specific ethnicity.

Actors will receive a stake of ownership in the film which is yet to be determined.


Siara Alves (Lead) (20-35)
Cheery, colorful, vivacious, yet can carry a plain straight demeanor. She always tries to see the world as a positive place worth fighting for but also has her own inner battles in believing this as well. Her day job is as a coffee shop manager and she has plans to become a full time social worker.
Open to all ethnicities though leaning toward an exotic look.

Uno Dimicini (Lead) (25-35)
A simple kind-hearted person. He’s looking for love and has serious dating life problems. His day job is as a customer service representative for a domain hosting company.

Merel Williams (Lead) (40-60)
A wealthy business mogul who owns his own distribution company he runs out of his warehouse. He’s a straight and blunt shooter, calls it as he sees it and doesn’t care if he comes across as rude. He lacks fulfillment in his life but he won’t ever tell you that.
Open to all ethnicities though leaning toward black or dark skinned.

Janet Livingston (Lead) (15-25)
Sixteen year old high school student. Teeny bopper. She recently made out with the hottest and most popular guy at school. His girlfriend found out and boycotted her from all the cool crowds. She now has to sit with the mechanic shop girls at lunch which she doesn’t like.

Paul Crabbe (Lead) (30-50)
A wreck who isn’t the most grounded person. He got married five years ago and hates his wife. He has plans on killing her. Despite these intentions he’s a softy at his core.

Beatrice Sanden (Lead) (70-85)
A stark woman who’s currently mourning the death of her cat who she loved. She doesn’t talk to her family and doesn’t get along with her neighbors. She has a dark side to her in terms of her views on life yet still takes on an image of harmlessness as many elder ladies do.

Liza Crabbe (30-50)
Paul’s wife. Completely nuts. Uncensored. Outspoken. Has Paul by the balls and her dad is rich. This is a small part but a good one. 2 pages.

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Published September 22, 2022
Category: Latest

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