Play land commercial is casting actresses. 35-50 years old and 7-13 years old.

Casting Calls in Vancouver | Seeking Actor | Compensation: $800/ | Apply by

Looking to cast 2 characters for an upcoming commercial for Playland.
Fitting Date: April 6th
Shoot Date: April 12th


Gender: Female (All ethnicities)
Age: 35-50
Description: Helen is a mom who was bored at home for hours on the couch watching TV. When we see her she is arriving at Playland and happily walking towards a ride excited to be out in the world again and out of her couch potato state.
Gender: Female (All ethnicities)
Age: 7-13
Kimmi is a kid who’s been stuck at home on the couch, playing video games for way too long. In the early scenes she will look completely zoned out and bored. Later, when she is at Playland, she’s happily walking towards a ride.

Rate: $800 (session + buyout fee) +$50 fitting fee/talent.
Usage: 1 year – regional broadcast (Vancouver area only) + online + out of home stills – 1 x :30 second broadcast spot + 3 x :15 second online spots, including any/all lifts and versions.
*The above usage terms takes into consideration that this spot is for a non for profit organization.

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Published March 20, 2023
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