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POSITIONS tells ones experience being a young, queer, male, Indigenous sex worker in the city of Vancouver. Told through three vignettes, Positions sheds light on an experience rarely represented in cinema.

Currently casting three roles..

Cis-white married business man. The unassuming type, Busy guy. No nonsense. Easy to be around. Kind and good looking. Ages 30+

Cis-white single man. Retired from a career in some sort of medical profession. Wealthy and affluent. Ignorant and slightly racist. Gay and out but problematic. Part time alcoholic. Ages 45+

Cis man, him and his wife Serena have kids. Career focused. Sleep and sex deprived. Confused about his sexuality but open and communicative with his wife. Ultimately, lost. Ages 40-50.

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Published September 22, 2022
Category: Latest

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