Principle Actors for 30 Minute Film (2 Female, 1 Male)

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Production title: HelloWorld!
Union / Non-Union: Non-Union
Production Type: Independent
Project length: Short Film (30 minutes)
Production location: Toronto
Director: Sean Weinerman
Shooting location: Toronto
Compensation: Yes

Synopsis: ‘HelloWorld!’ Is the name of a beauty and lifestyle vlog started by two best friends, Alex and Mara. Their channel quickly grows in popularity, and large scale success is in their sights. However, it gradually becomes clear to Alex that the people in her life are more concerned about the amount of views they get then they are about their “friends”. As a result, she becomes distrustful towards the world of vlogging, and Mara must do what she can to prevent her from leaving, and ruining their chance at large scale fame and success.


ALEX (FEMALE) (18-25)

Alex has grown up in a quiet suburban town, under the care of the most loving of parents. Despite her age, she is very much still a child, dependent on those around her. She and her best friend from school, Mara, decide to start vlogging in Sid’s bedroom. The two have a knack for it, and their popularity quickly grows, eventually leading them to leave home and move to the big city. Soon after, they land their own cosmetic line, and Alex begins to date a fellow successful Youtube vlogger. All is well until it starts to become clear to Alex that the people she views as her closest friends view her as nothing more than a means to gain popularity. In addition to being fun and bubbly, Alex is very easygoing and trusting of those around her. This leads to a certain naivete that she pays for repeatedly throughout the story, by trusting those that do not have her best interest in mind.

MARA (FEMALE) (18-25)

Possessing strong will, determination, and a likeable persona, Mara is someone who knows what she wants. Once she gets her first taste of success, she becomes completely focused on getting more of it. HelloWorld! being a partnership, Mara depends on Alex, and when Alex starts to become distrustful of the world of vlogging, Mara uses her talent for manipulation to prevent her from leaving, as to allow the success of HelloWorld! to continue growing.

JAKE (MALE) (20-25)

Inspired by the likeness of successful Youtuber Logan Paul (loganpaulvlogs), Jake is a “Bro” type. However, his “bro”ness is balanced by a certain charm that captivates those in his presence, especially woman. He’s as self centred as one can be, his entire field of awareness consistently focused on increasing his own popularity. Unknown to Alex, he begins dating her for this exact reason; as a sort of uniting of kingdoms. The reality of their relationship allows him to cheat on her over and over again as though it’s the natural thing to do.

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Published September 22, 2022
Category: Latest

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